Trump tells Pence to leave a gay wedding on 'SNL'

MIND ON HIS MONEY'I'm only signing it because it costs nothing' Trump joked

MIND ON HIS MONEY'I'm only signing it because it costs nothing' Trump joked

Pakistan took "tremendous advantage" of the USA over the years, but the two countries are now "starting to have a real" relationship, President Donald Trump has said, a day after Pakistani forces rescued an American-Canadian family from the Haqqani terror group.

The walkout has been largely criticized as an orchestrated stunt that likely cost taxpayers more than $250,000.

After a one-week absence, Alec Baldwin's Donald Trump returned to Saturday Night Live with a cold open sketch where Trump distracts everyone at a rally on tax reform with rants about Mike Pence, Bob Corker and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson.

Finally, Pence ended up at a gay wedding. He's waiting patiently at the altar. Uh-oh! Everything's topsy-turvy in this whimsical vision of America as a doomed kingdom ruled by a tyrannical fool-and we'll bet it's the funniest thing you've seen since Benny Hill ran around in circles!

Trump says, "Get out of there, Mike!" I know in politics you have to be a team player, but come on! Trump yells, before hanging up and offering his thoughts on the sanctity of marriage (s) to viewers.

"Outrageous", Trump continues. "No one should disrespect the sanctity of marriage like that".

Trump later tells the notoriously homophobic conservative to walk out of a same-sex wedding. As in says in my favorite verse in the Bible, Double Corinthians, marriage is between a man and a woman. After Pence and his wife bail on the game, Trump forces them to abandon a Starbucks because holiday cups aren't in stock yet.

Both Trump and former presidential rival Hillary Clinton, who won three million more votes than Trump, have been keen viewers of SNL.

"As she sang, it seemed like she was fighting back tears", Clinton added.

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