Twitter suspends Russia-linked accounts

Twitter Inc To Testify On Russian Meddling

Twitter suspends Russia-linked accounts

"Twitter accounts subsidiary with Russia Today, an outlet with solid connections to the Russian government, advanced more than 1,800 tweets that unquestionably or conceivably focused on the US showcase", the organization said in an announcement.

On Thursday, Twitter's public policy account said it would "continue to strengthen Twitter against attempted manipulation, including malicious automated accounts and spam".

Facebook has also started probing how Russian agents could have misused its advertising platform to influence the campaign.

Democratic Senator Mark Warner called Twitter's presentation "deeply disappointing" and "inadequate". He took particular umbrage at what he said was Twitter's decision to largely confine its review to accounts linked to fake profiles already spotted by Facebook.

Twitter additionally said that it discovered Twitter represents 22 of the 450 Russian accounts that Facebook said had purchased advertisements on Facebook amid the election. They asked not to be identified discussing a private investigation.

"Using ads and other messaging to affect political discourse has become a common part of the cybersecurity arsenal for organized, advanced actors", the company said in a post last week.

Warner in remarks to reporters called Twitter's statements "deeply disappointing" and "inadequate on nearly every level". Twitter said it examined efforts by foreign agents to interfere with the election after Facebook indicated it found 450 accounts that appeared to have been used for this goal.

In addition to that, Twitter discovered an additional 179 accounts connected to the accounts.

On Thursday, researchers at Oxford University published a study concluding that Twitter bots disseminated misinformation and propaganda at a higher rate in U.S. battleground states than in noncompetitive states during a 10-day period around Election Day in November.

The social media giant is facing intense fake news scrutiny after disclosing details about the presence of Russian political ads worth $100,000 on its platform during the presidential election. "Twitter is in dialogue with congressional committees with respect to investigations into Russian interference in the 2016 United States election", the micro-blogging platform said in a blog post.

Representative Adam Schiff, the top Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee, was more tempered in his assessment of Twitter's briefing, saying in a statement that the firm expressed a desire to work cooperatively with investigators and conduct additional analyses. Twitter has suspended each one of those accounts.

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