WhatsApp Has Just Introduced A Delete Function That Lets You Unsend Messages

WhatsApp Has Just Introduced A Delete Function That Lets You Unsend Messages

WhatsApp Has Just Introduced A Delete Function That Lets You Unsend Messages

The website explains that when users delete a text message, WhatsApp sends a fake cope of the message to the recipient.

The latest "Delete For Everyone" feature as it is named will now allow WhatsApp users to unsend embarrassing messages. People sometimes sends the wrong chat or done mistakes in typing, Now here is good news for you. The Delete for Everyone will delete the message on both receiver and sender's end, Delete for Me will delete the message on just one side and cancel will take you back to the chat window without any deletion.

It likewise just works within 7 minutes of sending the message - from that point forward, the message can't be recalled. According to a post by @WABetaInfo, the new feature will be rolled out in the latest WhatsApp Android beta version 2.17.387. Alongside Delete for Everyone, users will also see the Delete for Me option, if they only want to delete the message from their phone.

There is another potential drawback in that there is limited window of opportunity during which you can delete message - seven minutes.

Right now, sent messages can be deleted only from the sender's end, not from the recipient's end.

"You will not be notified if deleting for everyone was not successful". So, recipients might see messages that were recalled if not successfully deleted'. Otherwise, you can probably delete the message and safely know it wasn't seen.

Tap and hold the message.

The feature is now rolling out to users on Android and iOS, although it is unclear how widespread and quickly the launch will take place. It also works on WhatsApp web. Also, many incidences of spelling and grammatical errors occur which changes the meaning of the message. After that, there's no way you can delete it for everyone.

Telling you, it's high stakes on WhatsApp these days. Some of these messages are sometimes sent in error to wrong recipient, which always causes embarrassment.

It's been one of the biggest troubles facing instant messaging since it began: what happens if you wish you'd never sent that text?

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