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Walmart Mobile Express returns

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Following this, they can bring the item in to store, scan a barcode with their phone, and leave the unwanted product with an employee. Any item sold and shipped by Walmart.com is automatically eligible for this Express Return system. And, it seems the big-box retailer is onto something.

Walmart is streamlining its online purchase return process in an attempt to make the experience easier and less time-consuming, the retail giant announced Monday.

Using the Walmart phone app, guests can preselect items they want to return before entering the stores, which will be equipped with special Mobile Express Lanes set up for just this goal, according to USA Today. Once the customer hands over the unwanted item, they will be credited the purchase price as soon as the next day.

Further, the company said it would add 1,000 online grocery locations in Walmart U.S.

Wal-Mart's new app-based returns process will expand to include in-store purchases early next year, Eckert said. Consumers who shop third-party sellers on Walmart.com will have to wait a bit longer, as the mass merchant is still trying to determine how to make that work.

Walmart is introducing a new return service using its app.

Mobile Express Returns lets you just take two simple steps to complete the return process.

The "keep it" policy will initially apply to household items like shampoo, cosmetics and cleaning supplies with others added over time.

In September, Walmart announced it is testing a service that delivers groceries straight to customers' fridges when they're not home. The company declined to say how many customers use its app, and doesn't share data on the volume of items returned.

While Amazon still can't match Walmart's massive physical infrastructure, it's made some headway towards catching up by allowing online returns in each of its almost 500 newly acquired Whole Foods stores and inking a deal with Kohl's to allow them at certain Los Angeles and Chicago locations.

Express lanes at customer service already exist, as they were out their earlier in the year to help speed up its pharmacy and money service clients.

In summary, our initial impression of WMT's recent results and plans for next year reinforce our view that WMT is taking seriously the need to invest in technology and integrate it into it stores. Come December, items that Wal-Mart would otherwise discard if returned may be kept, whilst refunds will still be provided.

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