Women Detained As Passport Photos Look Different After Plastic Surgery

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ASIAWIREPassport news The women no longer looked like the

Your passport photo is taken - and then you put on weight, change your hairstyle or have the temerity to age.

Three Chinese women could not return home from South Korea where they went for plastic surgery.

Post-surgery swelling and bandages put the three women in a hard situation during passport control, when South Korean officers could not identify the women by their IDs.

One onlooker, Chinese TV presenter Jian Huahua, posted a photo of the women to her Weibo social media account and joked that even their mothers would be unable to recognise them.

The picture is said to have been taken over the recent Golden Week national holiday in China, an eight-day period when many Chinese - said to be six million this year - travel overseas. But upon return, the women couldn't prove their identity to immigration officers at the airport as they looked nothing like their passport photos.

The unidentified women flew last week to the nip-and-tuck top destination during China's Golden Week, a national holiday in which residents are encouraged to take paid vacations, Asia Wire reported.

The New Yorker reported the majority of people going under the knife in the country are women in their late-teens and early twenties hoping to enhance their facial features.

Plastic surgery in South Korea is relatively cheap, and many people from China go to the country to improve their looks.

The country is also known as the plastic surgery capital of the world. Many foreigners, especially from China, fly to South Korea specifically for plastic surgery.

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