Your Amazon Alexa device can finally tell different voices apart

Amazon drops Echo Show price after You Tube falloutMore

Amazon drops Echo Show price after You Tube falloutMore

You can set up voice recognition using any Alexa device like an Echo or the Alexa app on your smartphone - or even a Fire TV with voice remote. If your partner also asks the same Echo to "call Ben" it will dial their friend Ben - not yours. Thanks to this, Alexa will now be able to alter and personalize certain features in order for them to fit with the needs of that certain person.

For the time being, Alexa will take advantage of its new skill to personally tailor calls/messages, flash briefings, shopping activities and music playback via the Amazon Music Unlimited Family Plan. Then you will just need to select an Alexa device that you're logged into, and then you can perform training on that device in quite environment. If the feature isn't available in your country yet then Your Voice will not be shown, and instead you will only see Voice Purchasing and Household Profile, which are two different features. Moreover, when it comes to news, Alexa will only read those that you haven't heard before. This includes Echos built by Amazon and other products built by third parties that also run Alexa.

The training process does have you speak some specific phrases to train Alexa on your voice.

Congratulations, Alexa now understands your voice. Echo users can finally create voice profiles. It has a huge selection across price ranges, including a low-priced Echo Dot speaker that costs about $35 when on sale, a full-size Echo for $179 and even the Echo Show, which has a screen built-in for video chat.

They can be used to answer questions, such as a query about the weather today and tomorrow, for commerce, such as voice ordering a coffee from Starbucks, or to control other smart home devices.

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