A redesigned, High-End iPad with Face ID Coming in 2018

Face ID would replace the physical Home button and Touch ID on the new iPad models. The updated tablet is expected to be released later next year, a little more than a year after the last major iPad Pro upgrade, the people said.

Just as it did for the iPhone, getting rid of the Touch ID home button will allow Apple to trim the iPad's bottom bezel closer to the device's edge.

Benjamin imagines an iPad Pro that uses Apple's Face ID facial recognition system that unlocks a device via authentication of a registered users facial features. Samsung is already making the OLED displays for the iPhone X, and the company also makes the OLED displays for its Galaxy tablets and the Windows 10-powered Galaxy Book convertible. But demand waned and global tablet sales declined 17 percent the past three years.

The iPad itself is enjoying a bit of a renaissance this year, thanks largely to the launch of the 10.5-inch iPad Pro and the new, affordable 9.7-inch iPad. Still, the iPad has brought Apple $4.8 billion of revenue in the past quarter alone. It's possible that we won't see an Apple Pencil 2 this year at all. Samsung Electronics Co., which supplies OLED panels for iPhones, would be the only display maker with the capacity to produce the new screens for iPads in 2018, but technical and financial constraints still make that unlikely, according to a person with knowledge of Samsung's display operations. Let us know what you think in the comments!

Though the iPad Pro will get an iPhone X-like redesign, the Bloomberg report notes that the company is "unlikely" to swap the tablet's existing display for OLED technology as Apple would likely face supply constraints.

Citing sources familiar with the developments, Bloomberg reports that Apple could preparing a "redesigned, high-end iPad" for release as early as next year.

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