Animated Super Mario Bros. Movie Is In The Works

This is understandable given Nintendo's history with movies and how Hollywood adapted Mario and Luigi the first time around in the 1993 with "Super Mario Bros." live-action film.

A pipeline of popular "Super Mario" games have hit the market recently, with the mobile "Super Mario Run" and the Switch's "Super Mario Odyssey". Yet, according to a report by the Wall Street Journal, Nintendo might be thinking of bringing the red and blue moustachioed plumber and his brother back to Hollywood. According to a new report from the Wall Street Journal, Illumination Entertainment is nearing an agreement with Nintendo to create a Super Mario Bros. movie.

A proper Super Mario Bros. animated movie is now in the works. Perhaps he can break the video game curse?

It's easy to see why Nintendo hasn't made a film in a while; most movies based on video games are bad.

The animated Super Mario Bros. film is now in "early development", which doesn't mean much.

Since that debacle, Nintendo has been largely averse to licensing its characters for film, with their only theatrical outings being animated movies based on the Pokémon series.

The notion of a Mario movie seems like a no-brainer.

Nintendo's original characters have been in the crosshairs of countless movie studios over the years, though Mario is likely seen as the crown jewel. That makes a lot of sense, considering Minions is ranked #13 for worldwide (non-inflation adjusted, for what that's worth) box office totals, and Kimishima also mentioned a preference for animated adaptations in his comments about prospective partnerships. Anyway, we'll have more as news develops.

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