Carter Page met with Russian government officials during 2016 trip

Carter Page met with Russian government officials during 2016 trip

Carter Page met with Russian government officials during 2016 trip

But Carter Page, a former foreign policy adviser to the Trump campaign, said Thursday that he told House investigators that he informed Sessions about a trip he was taking to Russian Federation during the 2016 campaign.

But court documents filed this week by Special Counsel Robert Mueller revealed that George Papadopoulos, an unpaid foreign policy adviser, said he had interactions with Russians and was told Moscow had "dirt" on Democrat Hillary Clinton. He said one of the people he met was a "senior person", but would not confirm the person's identity.

The revelations revived questions about Sessions's credibility. "I am deeply troubled that this newest revelation strongly suggests that the Senate ― and the American public ― can not trust your word". "I think the Democrats might want to be careful what they ask for". But on Thursday, the person familiar with Sessions' recollections said, "the attorney general has no clear recollection of this person".

It concerned various Russian contacts, including Joseph Mifsud, a London academic who allegedly spent months trying to connect Papadopoulos with official in Moscow, according to news reports.

In it, Papadopoulos said he was taking steps "to arrange a meeting between us and the Russian leadership to discuss U.S. -Russia ties under President Trump", according to court records.

A Sessions spokeswoman declined to comment this week on the March 31 meeting with Trump and campaign advisers, including Papadopoulos. "If I were Sessions, I wouldn't have recalled it either".

"The attorney general needs to explain to our committee what are the obvious implications of his presence at that meeting, and how he can square that with his testimony to our committee", said Sen. Al Franken, D-Minn., that he had no communications with Russian officials during the campaign.

Sessions replied: "I'm not aware of any of those activities". "I mentioned that I'm heading over there and totally unrelated to the campaign".

During a news conference in February, Trump said he knew of nobody from his campaign who was in contact with Russians during the election.

Blumenthal wrote Sessions that he should "immediately come before the Senate Judiciary Committee to update [his] testimony and correct any omissions and any statements that may have been incorrect or misleading". A guy he had never met before, grabs him, 'Hey, I'm out on the team.

Sam Clovis, a 25-year Air Force veteran and onetime talk show host from Iowa, served as co-chair and policy adviser to the Trump campaign.

"I had a very brief hello to a couple of people". It is rare to see cases for perjury to Congress generally because the exchanges are often imprecise or rather fluid in nature.

Under pressure, Sessions later recused himself from the Department of Justice investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election.

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