Different Alcohol Types Have Different Effects On Your Mood

Different Alcohol Types Have Different Effects On Your Mood

Different Alcohol Types Have Different Effects On Your Mood

Researchers prepared a set of questionnaires to the participants, and it comprised of queries associated with the trigger of various types of feelings while drinking alcoholic beverages like beer, wine, white wine, and spirits.

In General, it was found that beer and red wine man relaxes and wants to sleep.

Hard liquor causes the wildest mood swings, the researchers found. For example, more than 60% said red wine made them feel sleepy, while 53% said it made them feel relaxed, reports the Guardian. The scores for aggressiveness, restlessness, and tearfulness don't look like much on their own, particularly in comparison with all those other scores we've already looked at here - they measured at 29.83 percent, 27.81 percent, and 22.24 percent - but those percentages are much higher than they are for all of the other beverage options; so, it's safe to say that drinking, say, whiskey will probably make you feel more aggressive than, say, drinking merlot will.

And that might be important in how we as a society address problem drinking.

Professor Mark Bellis, Public Health Wales' director of policy, research and worldwide development, says we should pay extra attention to spirits, which are associated with a rich history of violence. Be it an alcoholic or non-alcoholic drink, it does have a specific impact on you. The changes that they studied were based on emotional stage.

"This gap can be a concern, particularly with exploitation by the alcohol industry with advertising focused on pushing the positive emotions associated with alcohol use without outlining the negatives which go alongside them". Researchers used data from nearly 30,000 people who responded to the Global Drug Survey, a yearly worldwide poll about drug and alcohol habits around the world. The survey ran from November 2015 to January 2016.

"Understanding emotions associated with alcohol consumption is imperative to addressing alcohol misuse, providing insight into what emotions influence drink choice between different groups in the population", the researchers concluded, noting 3.3 million deaths and around one in 20 cases of ill health and injury around the globe are directly attributable to alcohol. For instance, spirits are often consumed more quickly and have much higher concentrations of alcohol in them. The effects of alcohol such people is reflected in sharply increasing anger, rage, and fear.

Women and young people are significantly more likely than men to associate each feeling (except for aggression) with all types of alcohol, while men and heavy drinkers are more likely to get aggressive.

Another consideration is that a person's expectations about the feelings they will have when drinking may play a part in what they experience-but this can also present a health risk.

Different Alcohol Types Have Different Effects On Your Mood
Different Alcohol Types Have Different Effects On Your Mood

The effect of alcohol also seems to vary somewhat by gender.

ResearchGate: What motivated you to study differences in emotional responses to different types of alcohol? .

There's one notable exception, however.

Spirits were, however, the least likely to be associated with feeling relaxed.

The study is published as the Scottish government announced it will introduce minimum pricing for alcohol on 1 May next year in a bid to combat binge drinking.

Men and women also react differently to the same drinks.

The survey results indicated that alcoholics in particular rely on drinking to feel better.

White wine doesn't have almost as pronounced an effect on your emotions as... well, pretty much anything.

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