Google launches new data saving Android app

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The new Google Maps design with colour-coded icons and symbols

The app is now globally available in the Google Play Store.

It has some useful built-in features which let you monitor data usage in real-time.

This is an especially acute problem for the newest generation to come online, known as the "Next Billion Users". Essentially providing easy to read and understand metrics for which apps end up draining that monthly quota.

During testing of Datally, app developers inside and outside Google initially expressed concern about the effects of users limiting their services' data access, Woodward said.

"In many parts of the world, people feel constrained by the cost and availability of data".

Since Google is developing the Android operating system, it makes sense that an official application by Google will be able to track down the applications, how much data they are consuming and how users can make secure their data by closing specific applications.

Android users can search through settings to find data-usage information, but Datally surfaces the information and controls it in a friendlier format.

Now you can better manage the usage of your mobile data. And just above this, you get the list of apps and their data usage. At the bottom, the app also shows you the number of apps for which mobile data is blocked. Many times, you might not know this this is happening. YouTube Go is a data conserving app of YouTube that allows downloading videos for offline use.

It has a built-in Wi-Fi Finder which will help you locate nearby hotspots based on your location. It also provides usage highlights and timely prompts to rate wi-fi networks and to turn on data saver.

Say, your friend comments on your Facebook post, or likes your Instagram photo, you will instantly get a notification for the same. Try it out and see if it helps you save on data. Keeping the storage management in mind, Datally is as tiny as 6MB.

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