Hitman TV Series in the Works, John Wick Creator Onboard

The film series was then rebooted with a 2015 film called "Agent 47: Hitman" that was somehow even worse.

Fox 21 and Hulu are bringing the stalwart video game series to life for a television run that, according to Deadline, could serve as a flagship for the streaming service if it takes off. The whole appeal of the Hitman games is each level is a wicked little puzzle box where the prize is figuring out how to pull off the ideal murder, and that's been hard to translate to the movies.

Some people point out one of the reasons why the two movies failed was because of an excessive amount of violence, which conflicts with the main premise of the game, which is stealth.

Even through publisher turnover, Agent 47 just keeps finding ways to continue doing his job.

Hitman, the video game franchise, seems practically built for Hollywood.

The story revolves around Agent 47 (usually simply referred to as "47" or "Mr. 47"), a cloned assassin-for-hire, whose flawless record places him in high demand among the wealthy and elite. Director Xavier Gens released Hitman in 2007 to negative reviews, though the film did gross $99 million on a $24 million budget. Novel-to-screen adaptations face a similar dilemma, in that film and television provide different benefits when it comes to transferring a source material from one medium to another. Agent 47 introduced the character as an enhanced supersoldier played by Rupert Friend. The other could be a mobile game for all we know. Is it the most adventurous move on Kolstad's part?

Derek Kolstad will write and produce the pilot episode.

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