How to fix the iOS 11.1 autocorrect 'I' bug

How to fix the iOS 11.1 autocorrect 'I' bug

How to fix the iOS 11.1 autocorrect 'I' bug

If you type a lowercase "i", the software has been autocorrecting it to an uppercase "A" plus an extra unusual character.

The capital "I" has been replaced with an exclamation point and a question mark for users hit by the bug. The company suggests going into Settings General Keyboard Text Replacement, the tapping the plus sign to add an entry.

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The problem seems to be linked to iOS's predictive text feature - and specifically the cloud synchronization for text predictions.

Having Keyboard issues after downloading iOS 11.1? "I think they need to release 11.0.4 sooner than later", said @akoczur_. The problem was highlighted by a Reddit user TheCravin, over the weekend.

Guidance from Apple indicates you should stay where you are unless you are experiencing problems, since the main goal of the iOS 11.1 update is to fix bugs. The frustrating bug is infecting iPhone users means of expression and communication across generations and celebrity status.

Apple reportedly says it is looking into the bug, yet another of the many recent technical problems.

A odd bug affecting some devices running iOS 11.1 prevents people from typing the letter "i".

On Saturday, Apple published a support document with steps for working around the bug until the software is updated, via setting up Text Replacement. Though this fix is fiddly and unwarranted, it's a temporary solution before the dilemma is addressed on a widespread basis.

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