Jameis Winston push leads to brief skirmish on Bucs sideline

Watch Jameis Winston's bizarre pregame speech

Watch Jameis Winston's bizarre pregame speech

Winston was forced out of Sunday's game against the Saints with a shoulder injury. But Mike Evans escalated the situation from bad to worse in the third quarter.

With Winston nursing a shoulder issue, Ryan Fitzpatrick took over at QB for the Bucs on Sunday. Winston was pointing toward the Saints' sideline and repeatedly poked Lattimore's helmet.

Evans was called for a personal foul penalty but was not ejected.

Inexplicably, however, Evans was not tossed from the game. "It was very childish, and I shouldn't have did that". When asked for his thoughts on Evans' retaliation, he said, "Well, Marshon Lattimore pushed his quarterback". Lattimore turned around and shoved Winston in the chest. Given how violent that hit was, an ejected would have been absolutely warranted.

Not sure what's happening in the National Football League this Sunday, but players are feeling feisty. Then Evans flew in for the tackle. "I heard a report on what happened from people who did".

"But that's definitely not the way we want to represent ourselves, if it was in, fact the way I was told". As a result, the Buccaneers' season is likely lost.

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