Mariah Carey's security guard claims she sexually harassed him

Mariah Carey accused of sexual harassment

Mariah Carey's security guard claims she sexually harassed him

According to Anello, Mariah "wanted to be surrounded by black guys, not white people".

Anello says Mariah degraded him and his colleague by referring to them as members of the hate groups.

According to editors at, the lawsuit alleges the Touch My Body singer also committed, "sexual acts with the intent that they be viewed by Anello".

On one event amid an excursion to Cabo San Lucas, it's asserted Carey asked for Anello's assistance with moving some gear in her room.

Michael Anello and Mariah Carey leave her hotel and head to the Landmark Hotel in London on on January 13, 2017.

The complaint is being raised after Carey failed to pay the company for services they provided and ended a two-year contract.

Michael Anello, whose company provided security for Mariah Carey, plans to sue her for sexually harassing him and regularly calling him a Nazi, a skinhead, a KKK member and a white supremacist, TMZ reports.

In the draft lawsuit, which is yet to be filed, he also included the charge of sexual harassment by the songstress.

Carey's team told TMZ they agreed to pay his company certain invoices, but that Anello was not content with the amount.

The security chief is reportedly unsatisfied with her team's offer, but his lawyer says the draft lawsuit is now on hold. When he arrived, she was wearing see-through lingerie that was open. Anello tried to excuse himself but Carey insisted that he move the luggage. Apparently the singer became self-conscious of her weight after viewing cruel comments online.

This comes on the heels of the news that Mariah split from her longtime manager Stella Bulochnikov.

According to the publication's source: 'Mariah underwent the procedure about a month ago, and she is already seeing some good results, and she feels a lot better'.

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