Nicki Minaj's brother convicted of raping stepdaughter

Jelani Maraj Nicki Minaj

Jelani Maraj and Nicki Minaj. Chance Yeh Getty Images Anthony Harvey Getty Images

He was charged with the crime in 2015 and found guilty at Nassau County court, New York, this week.

Robinson, who filed for divorce a year ago (16), denied the allegations during her testimony, while the court also heard evidence from the alleged victim and her younger brother, who claimed he walked in on Maraj assaulting the girl, who did not take the witness stand. The girl testified that Maraj treated her as his own daughter before he began raping her.

His lawyers countered that the girl's mother beat her into complying with the fraudulent criminal claims, as part of an attempted shakedown of Maraj's superstar singer, says Brosh.

Maraj's lawyers said during a almost one-month trial that the rape allegations were concocted by the girl's mother as part of a scheme to get Nicki Minaj to pay the family $25million in hush money.

Minaj has not spoken on the verdict. Jelani Maraj got married to the victim's mother in 2015 in a lavish wedding that Nicki Minaj reportedly paid for.

According to TMZ, Nicki Minaj never testified during the trial, despite claims she would by her brother's defense team.

Carol Maraj testified her son's then-wife made a comment she perceived as an extortion threat while driving her to court following her son's arrest on December 1, 2015. "The amount of evidence we have that wasn't allowed in this case is unbelievable". The prosecutor told the jurors it would be up to them to determine whether the testimony of the two children was credible.

But a prosecution witness testified that semen found on the victim's pyjama bottoms was a 1-291 billion match with defendant Maraj.

Maraj's ex-wife vehemently denied this allegation. Civil attorney James R. Ray III briefly represented the mother and testified that he did demand $25 million from Maraj after he was arrested.

The attorney also said the $25 million demand was rejected, and his firm never filed a lawsuit because the girl's mother fired them because she didn't like their strategy.

After the jurors delivered the sentence, Maraj was taken back to jail as his $100,000 bail was revoked.

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