Philippine President Threatens to 'Slap' a UN Official

Trump and Putin shook hands this morning as leaders of the 21-nation Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation opened their meetings.

A likeness of President Duterte peeked out from behind the figure, as the two leaders sat down for formal talks less than three kilometres away. He said a charitable reading of the meeting would be that Duterte was alluding to human rights issues when he said the drug war was important as an issue of "human development".

A senior White House official said there will be a lot of discussion about renewal of the US-Philippines "alliance and reenergizing that alliance through a joint statement" after the meeting between Trump and Duterte.

"And Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been working to bring that vast country and all of its people together as one, and he is working at it very, very successfully", Trump said.

China claims almost all of South China Sea, while Brunei, Malaysia, Vietnam and the Philippines also claim parts of the strategic waters. Trump raved about his accomplishments on his five-nation journey, particularly on trade and on North Korea, which the White House has suggested may be designated a state sponsor of terror.

President Donald Trump is winding down his lengthy Asia trip with an global summit and a trio of meetings with Pacific Rim allies, including his host in the Philippines who is overseeing a bloody drug war.

Duterte was meeting with Putin for the first time since May.

U.S. President Donald Trump withdrew the United States from the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a multilateral trade deal that included several APEC member states, earlier this year.

"I think it was in jest", Mr. Roque said.

Duterte often seeks to have visitors pose for photos with him doing the salute, with Chinese internet tycoon Jack Ma and Hollywood actor Steven Seagal among those pictured doing so.

Since he became president, thousands have died in a nationwide anti-drugs campaign that human rights defenders say is being carried out in a culture of legal impunity.

By promoting policies that contribute to police misconduct, Duterte is actually encouraging the very criminality that his campaign to wipe out illegal drug use was ostensibly meant to curb. And he will meet with Australian Prime Minister Malcom Turnbull, with whom he had a contentious phone call this spring.

A photo posted by Duterte's aide on Facebook showed the two men smiling along with their officials, who also raised their fists against the backdrop of Japanese and Philippine flags. Human rights groups believe the total could be closer to 9,000. "As now led by fine people, I believe very much in our intelligence agencies".

"We expect Trump to talk about human rights with such a record?"

Karapatan alleged that the Trump administration has dropped 32,801 bombs in at least seven countries in Asia and the Middle East this year alone.

Trump also said the trip had been "very fruitful" for the United States and pointed to the warm welcomes he had received in capitals like Tokyo, Seoul and Beijing.

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