PNG warns it will use force to empty Australia refugee camp

Daily protest 99

Daily protest 99

Those inside the camp now have just one day left to vacate the site before they could be forcibly removed.

Papua New Guinea began dismantling a shuttered Australian-run immigration detention centre yesterday and warned it will use force if necessary to evict almost 600 men if they refuse to leave within two days, according to a notice posted at the camp.

PNG Immigration officials have warned the hundreds of men still inside the detention centre they must leave the centre immediately because of "unhygienic conditions".

"If necessary, force may be used to relocate those who refuse to move for your own sake".

"You can not continue to remain here in this condition", the notice says.

Australia, it said, should "end its offshore transfer arrangements and cease any further transfers of refugees or asylum-seekers to Nauru, Papua New Guinea or an other regional processing country", they said in a report.

"Australia maintains the responsibility of finding durable outcomes for persons who can not reside or remain in PNG".

"The refugees are extremely scared by immigration threat but still saying we will not leave this prison camp for another prison camp", he wrote on Twitter.

Cabinet Minister Christopher Pyne has dismissed concerns about the Manus Island stand-off, saying the refugees who remain in the centre are squatting.

"All those people in Manus Island who are at that detention centre are effectively squatting there", Pyne said this morning.

"They could go to East Lorengau, West Lorengau, Hillside House".

When questioned about the risk of being arrested during the stunt, Ms Matchett said, "every single climber up there thought that this was a risk that they were willing to take because there are 600 men on Manus Island starving, dehydrating, fearing for their safety and we believe Australia has become a world leader in cruelty".

It's been nine days since the Australian government cut off food, water, medical assistance and electricity to the refugees at the centre.

"Their actions are now heading towards a law-and-order situation, as well as a hygiene and sanitation problem, and it will be dealt with as such, whether they are genuine refugees or not".

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