Reports of Dying Xbox One X Consoles Blemish Launch Day

Reports of Dying Xbox One X Consoles Blemish Launch Day

Reports of Dying Xbox One X Consoles Blemish Launch Day

A few weeks back, I explained how Xbox One users can get up and running with a new Xbox One X as quickly as possible.

To download 4K game content on your Xbox One or Xbox One S, press the Xbox button to open the Guide and navigate to the Systems tab.

STACK: The specs for the Xbox One X are impressive. After this has finished downloading, you can copy these games to an external storage so you can transfer them to your Xbox One X and not have to worry about downloading them again. If you're happy with the lineup and are thinking about jumping in, allow me to outline three different scenarios for you.

You'll have a bit of this sort of stuff in the initial setup of the Xbox One X, but for those that love to get serious, Calibrate your TV. This can be done in Settings, System, and then 'Backup & Transfer'. Microsoft has never heard of a supply problem in the hardware business. A second: "I'd love to play your new console @xbox, but @amazon are telling me my pre-order from August is out of stock and won't get it. Please. stop your business with them".

Microsoft is always working to improve the software and services for Xbox owners. At the end of the day, that's what we really wanted to do. The new console promises an improved gaming experience on Xbox One's existing library of games with faster load times, better graphics and smoother frame rates. But they're just as on display in the X, when you see and use it - that focus on craft is evident in the new, sophisticated matte black finish across the console, for instance, and the fact that it doesn't have any of the bizarre design decisions that mark out the PlayStation.

Finding an Xbox One X to buy shouldn't be too much of a hassle.

Among the other Xbox One games that received its enhancements today for the Xbox One X, the developer of the critically-acclaimed The Surge announced today that an enhancement for the game is now available as well. Our ability to go create content has to be one of our strengths. Though it costs $499.99, a price that many analysts initially predicted would hurt it, it looks like they underestimated the demand.

Of course, Microsoft has answers. There is also a 14-day trial period available for free. Even among those still on old-school 1080p, the console uses its increased power to use a technology called supersampling, which brings some of the same benefits. In addition, the game will also now support HDR. Microsoft plans to do so by increasing its investment in developing in-house games and services and developing titles which can help the Redmond-based company boost its hardware sales which are lacking behind when compared to the PlayStation.

Enabling network game transfer is important if you've got a LOT of games you want to move.

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