Rishi Kapoor wants to see Pakistan before he dies!

Farooq Abdullah

Farooq Abdullah

Mr. Kapoor made the statement while responding to former IndianOccupied Kashmir Chief Minister Farooq Abdullah said the part of Azad Kashmir will remain with Pakistan and that was not going to change.

Actor Rishi Kapoor took to Twitter to express a desire to visit his ancestral hometown in Pakistan before he dies.

"Farooq Abdhulla ji, Salaam!"

Bollywood actor Rishi Kapoor on Sunday said that he "wishes to see Pakistan before he dies" and hopes that his children are able to see their roots. J&K is ours, and PoK is theirs.

"Both India and Pakistan must sit together with the people of both parts of Kashmir and work out internal autonomy for both parts within the existing borders".

Farooq Abdullah went to the extent of saying that India had betrayed Kashmiris, which in turn created unrest in the Valley.

Srinagar MP said, "A Pakistan Minister rightly said that you forget that the part which is yours was acquired by an Instrument of Accession". You forget the instrument of accession and say that that part is yours. "If you talk about this being your part, then remember the instrument as well". He has held talks but talks alone is not the solution.

On Saturday, he told the media, "Pakistan Administered Kashmir belongs to Pakistan and this side to India. These two countries need to sit together and decide the issue taking people of both parts of Jammu and Kashmir into confidence", he said.

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