Rotten Tomatoes Will Delay the Reveal of 'Justice League's Tomatometer Score

Better but not good

Better but not good

CBR is reporting that Flixster briefly actually had a Rotten Tomatoes score of 48% for the movie. The 5 percent drop from that to the 43 percent it had when Rotten Tomatoes officially announced its rating was certainly not the development Warner Bros. executives were hoping for, and the further drop overnight does not bode well for the film's ultimate rating. That's considerably lower than what we predicted based on the mixed-to-positive first reactions to the film and puts the movie in the mid-tier of DC Extended Universe entries.

Justice League now has an official Rotten Tomatoes Score, as the review aggregating site finally reveals the film currently has a 43% rate.

What they're really anxious about is the audience who will be turned off by just one number: the Rotten Tomatoes score. This is a definite step up from the 27 percent and 26 percent of Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad, respectively, but is quite the step down from Wonder Woman's 92 percent and Man of Steel's 55 percent.

However, while Rotten Tomatoes usually posts its scores just after the review embargo has ended, in this case it waited more a day before doing so. Conversely, blockbusters with rock bottom scores such as Baywatch (19 percent) and Transformers: The Last Knight (15 percent) faltered domestically over the summer.

Metacritic slapped a 46 percent rating on the movie, as of Friday, while other critics have written lengthy reviews of the film. Our own Mike Ryan said, "I am legitimately bummed out about how much I disliked Justice League", adding that the scenes reshot by Joss Whedon didn't match up, "like having a soup, then sprinkling the soup with basketballs". You can read our reviews of Justice League here and here. Justice League releases on November 17.

Delaying the Rotten Tomatoes reviews was a shocking move by the site and Warner Bros.

Justice League will be out in USA theaters this Friday.

But the site also publishes news, interviews, and columns, and by moving into original programming with See It / Skip It, hosted by entertainment journalists Jacqueline Coley and Segun Oduolowu, Rotten Tomatoes seems to be edging toward not just pointing towards others' opinions but serving up some of its own. That's been especially true since February 2016, when Rotten Tomatoes was acquired by Fandango, the website that sells advance movie tickets for many large theater chains. It turns out one app has the unfiltered score available.

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