Samsung Galaxy S9 versus Galaxy S7 - The Evolution of Samsung Phones

However, Samsung has revealed some of the key components likely to feature in its next-generation flagship device, hinting at the capabilities of its upcoming hardware.

Samsung's next-generation Exynos chipset, the Exynos 9 Series 9810, is one of 36 Samsung products that received CES 2018 Innovation Awards. However, the public may also see a third variant of Galaxy S9 with the flagship's mini version.

What's slightly more surprising is the mention of just 4GB of RAM, given that the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and a number of other handsets now have more than that, but that's at least in line with an earlier rumor.

By having a first impression of the Galaxy S9 through these CAD renders, Samsung might think of having a change of heart as far as the camera positioning goes. Samsung presented on their press release. The Galaxy A5 2018 is set to come with a almost bezel-less design.

What's also different is the location of the fingerprint sensor, which is positioned beneath the cameras in a more accessible spot. That's to be expected, given that Samsung has already introduced its dual camera system with the Galaxy Note 8 this year.

For now, it is uncertain if Samsung will push through with a mini Galaxy smartphone. The phone also includes a quad-core Snapdragon 410 processor, 5MP rear camera, microSD card slot and a 2MP front shooter. The Galaxy S8 Microsoft Edition is exactly the same you would buy from a retailer or wireless carrier but there is a small difference.

The futuristic new smartphone will purportedly fold-out to the size of a tablet, creating a whole new category of mobile device similar to the two-in-one hybrids that have taken over the laptop-tablet segment of the industry. A public release is expected either by the end of this year, or early January 2018.

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