Sean Hannity fans call for boycott as 3 sponsors pull ads

Sean Hannity fans call for boycott as 3 sponsors pull ads

Sean Hannity fans call for boycott as 3 sponsors pull ads

The hashtags #BoycottKeurig and #IStandWithHannity quickly emerged on Twitter. Hannity and Moore loyalists posted photos of themselves smashing the company's single-serve coffee brewers.

After Hannity expressed his hope that Moore and others accused of assault were given the benefit of the doubt, Twitter user Angelo Carusone reached out to Keurig, saying, "you are now sponsoring Sean Hannity's show".

Despite the host saying "no sexual", one of the alleged victims told the Washington Post that Moore touched her genitals over her underwear and forced her to touch his genitals over his underwear when she was 14. The allegations were first reported by The Washington Post, which cited three other women who said Moore pursued them when they were in their teens.

Even after a panel of Fox News regulars told him his own interview with Moore seemed to expose his guilt, Hannity said we shouldn't "rush to judgment".

CNBC reports Keurig,, 23 and Me, Eloquii and Nature's Bounty all said they would stop advertising on "Hannity" after the host's controversial interview with Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore.

Keurig is among five USA firms that said they would pull ads from The Sean Hannity Show after the host was accused of going easy on an alleged abuser.

Others expressed amusement by the destruction of Keurig coffee makers, pointing out that conservatives wrecking machines had already paid for the appliance.

"There are false allegations made", Hannity said, adding that the encounter was "consensual".

Mr Moore, a former Alabama Supreme Court judge, has also denied the claims.

Keurig was quick to comment on this, by tweeting: "Angelo, thank you for your concern and for bringing this to our attention". "Frankly, I think [Keurig] were victims of a group they knew nothing about", he said, referring to Media Matters. This has inflamed Hannity's fans on Twitter, who've been calling for nationwide boycotts of those companies in retaliation.

The drastic criticism prompted Keurig to issue a statement in which they apologized for "choosing sides" in pulling their ads. Back in August, the liberal site called upon companies to withdraw their advertisements after Hannity defended President Donald Trump for his response to the deadly, race-fueled rally in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Nevertheless, Hannity's defense of Moore sparked social media backlash, and advertisers responded to complaints by vowing not to appear on his Fox News show.

Remember, this is how it ended for Bill O'Reilly - not the sexual harassment lawsuits, the loss of sponsors.

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