Some Xbox One X consoles becoming unresponsive

Lost Sphear

Some Xbox One X consoles becoming unresponsive

Microsoft has posted a video on Facebook showing the highlights of Monday night's Xbox One X launch celebrations in Auckland.

Unlike in previous years, Microsoft is only pushing a handful of exclusive titles for the Xbox One this Fall (most notably Forza Motorsport 7, Cuphead, and PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds).

So far, the Xbox One X has been quite popular and many games are getting updates which will see them perform better thanks to the new hardware.

A thread on gaming forum ResetEra compiled numerous posts from gamers claiming that their Xbox One X's had "bricked" or refused to turn on. Players can pick up the World of Tanks X Edition Starter Kit for free in the Microsoft Store. On PC, this is just an on/off toggle, and to be honest it doesn't radically affect the look of the game in Diablo's dark dungeons - only in brighter exterior scenes.

But nearly everything else about the console is exactly the same as its much more affordable counterpart, the Xbox One S, which also rings in at half the price: $250. If you're an early adopter and are in need to play Xbox One X enhanced content, perhaps World of Tanks will capture your interest. Looking for a few games to showcase the £449 console right now? They're expected to release their next earnings report on November 27, a report that'll nearly certainly include some mention of how the Xbox One X did in their stores as well as some figures to show how many consoles they sold.

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