Super Mario Run was huge, but Nintendo isn't happy

“The L stands for ‘winner.’” Yeah OK Nintendo.    
   Nintendo via Polygon

“The L stands for ‘winner.’” Yeah OK Nintendo. Nintendo via Polygon

Unlike other mobile games put out by Nintendo in the past year, Super Mario Run is the sole entry that has an up-front cost: after the initial free download, everything after the game's third level requires a $10 unlock. And with the holiday season fast approaching, Nintendo is set to sell a whole bunch more.

For now, Super Mario Odyssey offers a ton of enjoyable gameplay, and hours' worth of secrets to hunt down. None of this has been lost on Nintendo.

Regarding their mobile title Super Mario Run, Kimishima hasn't declared it a success - despite hitting a sizable 200 million downloads.

Super Mario Odyssey has sold 2 million copies, after releasing to rave reviews late last week.

The company also plans to release more updates and improvements for the mobile title, so it certainly sounds like Nintendo does not plan to shift away from Super Mario Run anytime soon.

Moreover, Nintendo wants to expand the Switch in terms of reaching more people by inviting other publishers and developers to make games for the new system. Super Mario Galaxy 3, please. It shows the power of Nintendo's IP, and Mario specifically, and the company is right about the game being well received. Nintendo suddenly finds itself in a good place.

The game has been receiving a lot of flawless scores from major gaming publications, and according to Nintendo's overwhelmingly positive financials released earlier this week, the company increased its goal of Switch sales in the first year from 10 million to 14 million. Nintendo also bumped up its revenue forecast from 750 billion yen (~$6.6 billion) to 960 billion yen (~$8.5 billion).

When comparing this figure to the number of Switch owners one can see just how brilliantly the title performed in the space of just those few days.

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