Taylor Swift's New Album: When Does 'Reputation' Release?

Taylor Swift's New Album: When Does 'Reputation' Release?

Taylor Swift's New Album: When Does 'Reputation' Release?

But two follow-up songs - "Gorgeous" and "Call It What You Want" - are lighter and more bubbly, reminiscent of the melodic, pop-oriented Taylor Swift of "1989". Swift's performance of this never-before-heard song will air during "Scandal".

Continuing her string of performances, SiriusXM also announced this morning that Swift will perform an exclusive acoustic performance in front of select subscribers tomorrow to celebrate Reputation's release.

We're not a music website, so it's really not the goal here for us to assess or break down the latest Taylor Swift performance.

She won't be in the episode itself - sorry to some of you out there who were hoping to get a glimpse of Swift versus Olivia Pope or Quinn Perkins.

We're not saying it's not right though! In his post, a man's hand was seen holding Swift's album with the back of Reputation exposed. Meanwhile, it makes sense for ABC to pick this up to boost the ratings of their TGIT lineup, which at this point is mostly a reminder of how much they screwed up by allowing Shonda Rhimes to sign a deal over at Netflix.

The ACLU's letter says that her public profile leaves her open to "adverse as well as favourable comment" and - quoting one of Swift's most popular tracks - says that she should be able to "shake it off".

According to many fans, the final track on Taylor's album entitled "New Year's Day" could be the moment that we find out she's actually preparing to tie the knot.

We've gotten plenty of details, sneak peaks and teasers from the album so far, and that's not going to stop before the album comes out. But we're also like, a little wary of it, y'know?

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