Trump Jr's Halloween lesson on 'socialism' gets sour reaction

On Halloween night, Trump tweeted a photo of his daughter Chloe, decked out in a police officer costume and holding up a bucket of candy, the Daily Mail reports. "It's never to early to teach her about socialism".

"I'm going to take half of Chloe's candy tonight & give it to some kid who sat at home".

What "struck" Stevenson about the tweet was his lack of compassion: "There is an important parallel here to how many conservatives view those who are without work". "Take these things you did nothing to earn and cry about sharing them with people, yup", wrote one user.

- Jules Suzdaltsev (@jules_su)I told my kid to stay home & I'll buy him candy.

Donald Trump Jr. received some criticism for a Halloween Twitter remark. What of the kids that don't come from loving homes?

There were also messages of support for Trump Jr's decision to teach his daughter a valuable lesson.

She and her partner, economist Justin Wolfers, actually use economics after trick-or-treating to teach their kids about sharing and maximizing everyone's happiness, she said: "My children collect candy and are taught the benefits of trading with others to make improvements that make each kid better off".

There is also of course, the irony that Halloween, literally a handout.

Trump Jr.'s dig at socialism got a reaction from some on the left.

But others criticised him for posting an image of his daughter to make a political point and questioned the effectiveness of his allegory.

But aside from immortalizing his child in such a classless fashion, Trump's analogy fails to ask itself where Chloe got all that candy in the first place.

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