Ultra-quick reshoots cutting Kevin Spacey out of new film

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Ultra-quick reshoots cutting Kevin Spacey out of new film

Ridley Scott's All The Money In The World will no longer feature Spacey as oil tycoon John Paul Getty and instead the role is being recast with Christopher Plummer. Re-shoots of the key scenes are expected to commence immediately. Scott's drastic choice to cut Spacey from the movie will put it at risk of missing its December 22 release date, thus jeopardizing its Oscar eligibility.

In a unified front, the cast and crew of the film, and Sony Pictures, unanimously agreed to re-shoot all of Spacey's scenes, with Mark Wahlberg and Michelle Williams' cooperation part of the mix.

Despite the age difference between the two actors - at 87, Plummer is nearly 30 years Spacey's senior - the recasting will come as a welcome development for director Ridley Scott.

The film retells the kidnapping of Getty's grandson in 1973.

Since then several others have come forward accusing him of predatory behaviour, including a woman who said Spacey had sexually assaulted her 18-year-old son last year.

The movie, which has completed filming, will reshoot all Spacey's scenes.

At a news conference Wednesday afternoon, Unruh said her son met Spacey at a restaurant and was "star-struck".

The film was scheduled for a closing-night screening at the AFI film festival, but was pulled by Scott at the last minute after allegations of sexual assault by Spacey were reported in the media.

Actor Anthony Rapp and Harry Dreyfuss (the son of Richard Dreyfuss) have also said the actor assaulted them, and London police said they were investigating a 2008 sexual assault reportedly linked to Spacey. As reports of Spacey's alleged sexual harassment have continued to pile up, we learned earlier this week that Sony was considering pushing All the Money in the World-in which Spacey plays billionaire J.

Spacey is now off getting "treatment" probably the same place Weinstein is, probably watching his career go up in flames all around him.

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