Voters poured in to cast their last minute vote

Voters poured in to cast their last minute vote

Voters poured in to cast their last minute vote

"I've voted every year since I was 18", said Mesa County voter, Sutton Casey.

Snow flurries couldn't keep the determined voters of Centre County away from the polls Tuesday.

The Board of Elections used to release turnout numbers three times through Election Day.

All of these are issues voters thought was worth braving the cold to come out and make a difference with their vote.

About 106,000 ballots were cast during the race, and about 90 percent of those in-person Tuesday, according to the Minneapolis Elections and Voter Services Division.

In 2014, the voter turnout was 57 percent, which is 10 points higher than the turnout in 2013 of 47 percent.

So what do these voting patterns tell us about the "will of the people"?

Today is the general election, and if history is any indicator, the turnout will likely be low.

The electronic method was first introduced in 2015 to less than rave reviews in Hamilton County where 35 percent of polling places reported problems setting up on Election Day with 42 percent of locations having trouble locating voters.

Notices were posted at all polling stations reminding voters they may only vote once for cross-filed candidates in the same race, the release states.

With all of the interest in the mayoral contest this year, he added he was hoping for a higher turnout. "For some reason, our people don't do that". But people seem to be confusing rights with duties.

Perhaps the fear that someone (Russians, Facebook, white supremacists, radical socialists or offshore gamblers) will infiltrate and "game" this system of governance will motivate bipartisan support for a serious look at the benefits and costs of direct democracy justified as "the will of the people".

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