Watch the 'Stranger Things' boys perform a Motown medley with James Corden

Courtesy Netflix

Courtesy Netflix

Fans started tweeting that Wolfhard was "heartless". After recent events involving harassment (including the sexualization of 13-year-old Millie Bobby Brown) and uncomfortable public run-ins with fans for multiple Stranger Things cast members, Wolfhard took to his Twitter to call out this behavior.

The kids from the show have been making some brilliant press appearances over the past two weeks since the release of Stranger Things 2.

'Why I even have to tweet that, I don't know.

Following the opening sketch, the video quickly segues into a reunion of the crew following the success of Stranger Things - the series that would be the ultimate demise of the group's cover band career. "You know, he was held back a couple of years, but we were in the same grade". "Think b4 ya type boiiii". Don't harass them. Hell, don't harass any actor, or anyone. This just shows what people will accept for famous people and sex.

She wrote: "It doesn't matter if they are an actor... they are kids first, give them the space they need in order to grow without feeling like they owe anything for living their childhood dreams". Finn is an incredibly kind human. Flash forward to after the audition, Corden is clad in full-on Eleven garb, and is the only one not to be cast on the show.

Wolfhard was harassed on Twitter after he didn't stop to say hi to a Stranger Things fan and the incident was caught on a viral video.

Now Finn himself has responded to the "gross" comment, telling TMZ when asked about it: "Oh that was nuts".

And after being told Ali had issued an apology, he added: 'That's good that she apologised.

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