Wendy Williams fainted on live TV, and the video is so scary

50 Cent Laughs At Wendy Williams Following Her Live Faint On TV He Says That 'It Looks Like Bad Acting'

Wendy Williams fainted on live TV, and the video is so scary

Williams told the audience that she met with paramedics after the show and they determined she was low on electrolytes. The daytime talk show host said she felt hot, dizzy and weird on Tuesday's Halloween special, before she fainted in her Statue of Liberty costume.

Although Williams said she doesn't feel any pain from the fall, she did mention that the scary experience made her realize that she pushes herself too hard. She explained at the time that she had "overheated" in her costume. News, "I'm a 53-year-old middle-aged woman going through what middle-aged women go through, if you know what I mean". As noted by HipHopDX, Fifty and Williams have a rocky history leading up to a recent IG post from the former that bashed Williams for discussing his family issues.

"It was scary", she said. "You know I don't want to fall".

The shocking event captured on live TV caused quite a stir among concerned viewers, who feared she might have been having a stroke, heart attack, or something else more serious. I'm a tall woman and it's a long way down. "I think the idea of "boss up" is just ideal, especially in our day and age where we are so reliant on the opinions of others".

Wendy could be seen losing her balance before she stops speaking mid-sentence and collapses to the ground. Also I don't do stunts and jokes for you like that. At the end of the show, she said it was because of her co-hosts - her fans and studio audience - that she didn't take Tuesday off.

EMTS evaluated her backstage.

Wendy went on, saying during the episode all she could think about was trying not to make the situation worse than it already would be. But for 10 years, she battles a cocaine addiction ("Drugs were a demon I had to overcome", she said), and later struggled to start a family, suffering a few miscarriages before conceiving son Kevin Hunter Jr, now 17. "I got all of your well wishes. even the haters, because you motivate me".

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