Wingsuit flyers jump into plane flying over Swiss Alps

One of the wingsuit duo prepares to fly into the aeroplane

One of the wingsuit duo prepares to fly into the aeroplane

As the plane dived down the mountain the two fliers glided into position and Reffet eventually flipped himself inside the open cabin door before Fugen performed the same feat.

The duo successfully chased the plane through the air using only their wingsuits, finally landing safely in the back of the plane.

Most videos of wingsuit flyers are inherently insane - it just so happens that is the nature of humans imitating flying squirrels.

Jumping from the top of the Jungfrau mountain in Switzerland, the crew planned and prepared for the stunt for months. They had been through more than 100 test flights and even had one failed attempt they had to abandon before their successful jump, according to Red Bull.

Reffet, 33, said the pair wanted to recreate a stunt carried out by another wingsuit flyer, Patrick de Gayardon, 20 years ago. "It was very complicated for us as we tried a first time but we messed up a bit and that sucks so much energy out of you", Reffet said.

"Going up to 4,000 metres, it physically costs a lot".

Two daring base jumpers have been caught on video, jumping off the side of a mountain into a plane.

"When we started to train, we thought it would be easier to be honest".

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