Women With Gestational Diabetes More Likely To Develop Type-2 Diabetes


Women With Gestational Diabetes More Likely To Develop Type-2 Diabetes

The state along with rest of the world observed World Diabetes Day by organizing diabetes awareness and health check up camps.

How diabetes affects emotional wellbeing stood out as a major factor for Scottish respondents, with 64% saying that they often or sometimes feel down due to their diabetes.

Subramaniam says some 1.8 million Malaysians may have diabetes but were unaware of the disease.

The International Diabetes Federation says, 415 million people globally have diabetes and if nothing is done, it is estimated the number will rise to 642 million in 2040.

"Persons with uncontrolled diabetes will develop a wide range of complications linked with the disease, some of which could lead to lengthy hospital stays, blindness, foot amputation or death". This new research brings to light the isolation that can come from managing an invisible condition, and how detrimental living with diabetes can be to a person's emotional wellbeing without the right support.

"But in order to achieve that, we need to see sustained funding of £44 million for the diabetes transformation programme, which sets out to improve the treatment and care for people with diabetes". The camp was attended by more than a thousand Secretariat employees who apprised themselves about diabetes.

Researchers from The George Institute for Global Healthhave teamed up with All India Institute of Medical sciences (AIIMS) to conduct research that will explore whether a lifestyle modification program can delay the onset of type- 2 diabetes in women with Gestational Diabetes Mellitus (GDM) in South Asia. Healthy diet and exercise can prevent or delay Type 2 diabetes for women.

He also said the ministry ensured extra care for women diabetes patients especially pregnant women to minimise risks to them and their unborn children. It was only eight years ago that she received help. It is important to stay informed and monitor your health condition to manage diabetes efficiently. "I was having seizures from low blood sugar when I was routinely eating insufficient carbohydrate to lose weight". She gets lots of support talking to others who live with diabetes and struggle with their food.

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