"WTF" iPhone X Issues: Green Line Of Death And Cold Weather Freezing

"WTF" iPhone X Issues: Green Line Of Death And Cold Weather Freezing

While the iPhone X is proving to be a popular high-end device for Apple, it is not without some technical issues. Hopefully it doesnt end up inconveniencing too many users.

It appears to have become a trend for new flagships to have one issue or the other.

Not surprisingly, the Apple iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 plus models didn't crack the top five list because they only debuted in mid-September, just before the cut off. Apple's most expensive smartphone, the iPhone X, was also missing from the top five because it went on sale in early November and was therefore ineligible to be counted. Users are reporting that their screens would either not respond at all or responsiveness was inaccurate. The iPhone X uses a diamond subpixel pattern which has the green subpixels appear in lines. The bright green line issue is most likely going to be a hardware problem and units will need replacing. A handful of affected devices are also witnessing the green line of death on the left side of the screen. Have you heard of users having problems with the iPhone X's display?

However, Apple is reportedly planning a software update to fix the issue.

The Apple news website The Loop reached out to the company about the issue and received a response saying Apple is aware of the problem and that it would "be addressed in an upcoming software update".

Apple support has been responsive so far, vowing to work with users to fix the issue. While such case has emerged Apple has admitted that the iPhone X can temporarily lose touch functionality in cold weather conditions. In a video posted by SquareTrade that tested the iPhone X's resistance, showed the iPhone X being dropped from a height of 6 feet (1.83 meters) onto concrete, on its edge, face down, back down, as well as putting it through a 60-seconds tumble test.

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