Apple loses battle against clothing company called Steve Jobs

Apple loses battle against clothing company called Steve Jobs

Apple loses battle against clothing company called Steve Jobs

Now that the company can officially call themselves Steve Jobs, they're free to market and talk about it.

The company's Facebook page shows it makes jeans, T-shirts and bags, and carries a series of quotes from Jobs himself such as "Don't waste time living someone else's life". Brothers Vincenzo and Giacomo Barbato chose to brand their line of clothing and accessories after learning that the name Steve Jobs, Apple's legendary founder, was not actually trademarked.

Vincenzo and Giacomo Barbato, two entrepreneurs from Naples, have been fighting the technology giant for years after registering the "Steve Jobs" trademark in 2012.

Apple is known for being in court a lot. The company especially took issue with the logo that's being used with the Steve Jobs trademark, but the courts sided with the Italian clothing brand.

We could end up seeing a Steve Jobs smartphone and tablet, and most likely they would run Android.

Apple lost the fight and the brothers get to keep their trademark and can continue to use the name.

Thanks to Steve Jobs, Apple is no longer just a fruit, nor is it only associated with Newton. Also, it's logo is among the most recognised brand logos in the world. Their main focus is the stylized letter "J" in the logo that looks like a bite has been taken out if and features an "Apple-esque" leaf.

"The letter J seems "bitten" but it is not, since a letter, as judges have also decided, cannot be bitten", the brothers told Business Insider Italia.

Speaking with Business Insider Italia, the brothers said their goal is to sell electronics, "although they have yet to reveal specific plans there - meaning one day, there could very well be a Steve Jobs phone competing in stores right next to Jobs' own iPhone".

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