Arctic blast on the way for Leeds and across Yorkshire this weekend

Temperature anomaly forecast for

Temperature anomaly forecast for

'Anywhere could see sleet, snow or hail by the weekend although snow accumulations are more likely further north'. The snow flurries could begin as early as Tuesday night after a day of rain, but will likely take a break Wednesday and return Wednesday night, and could continue on-and-off through Friday. Locally heavy rain is possible but it will end quickly with cooler, drier air filtering in on Tuesday afternoon. By midweek, it should arrive in Lancaster County, bringing with it temperatures several degrees below what we've seen in recent days. I'm still expecting sweater weather in the morning but it won't be almost as chilly as previous mornings. The change to colder air will happen in three stages.

According to the National Weather Service in Louisville, winds will pick up from the south and southwest this afternoon, as a strong cold front approaches the Ohio Valley.

As cold air blows across relatively mild, unfrozen waters, moisture will be dumped downwind in the form of heavy snow squalls.

Monday: Mostly cloudy with isolated showers. There'll be sunny spells and showers of rain, sleet, and snow. The video below shows you why we will turn wintry in MI.

Upper-air flow
Upper-air flow

Friday morning starts off with lingering cold rain showers along the coast and a slight risk of rain in the Pee Dee, a cold rain/winter mix in NC. By Friday, high temperatures in Lower Michigan will only be in the 20s.

If you ask any weather forecaster who works in the United Kingdom, they will tell you that it can be very challenging to forecast snow here.

As mentioned earlier, if rain falls for long enough, evaporative cooling can gradually lower the temperature, resulting in it turning to snow.

"Temperatures will struggle to get much above 5 or 6C (41 to 43F)".

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