Catherine Is Getting A Remake For The PS4 And PS Vita

Catherine: Full Body has been announced with a new website (in Japanese), which is now promising a broadcast on December 22 with more details.

First released in 2011, Catherine wasn't just a pretty good action/puzzle game; it had a stylish, confident approach to sex and adult relationships that remains fresh even today.

Catherine was released for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in 2011 and had players take control of Vincent Brooks, who starts having unusual dreams where he has to climb blocks.

Dubbed "Full Body", the game will be developed by Atlus' internal team Studio Zero and feature a third Catherine in addition to new scenes with the previous C (K) atherines. The broadcast will feature "deep discussion and audacious talk" between Atlus staff in a bar setting, as well as the worldwide trailer debut for Catherine: Full Body.

Atlus has confirmed that they will be releasing a remake of Catherine, dubbed as Catherine: Full body.

One new character will be Rin, a shy girl who will play an unknown role in the story. Called the "third Catherine" but apparently named Rin, early descriptions situate her as more of a confidant and moral compass for Vincent as he wrestles with his questions of infidelity and guilt.

The game will include a new ending song, and a lot of new episodes, anime cutscenes, and sexy events.

There is a new mechanic where you move blocks where multiples are connected. There will also be online multiplayer battles in the PS4 and Vita version, unlike the original, single-player release. You will be able to switch between the new and traditional modes for those that prefer the original.

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