Dana White adds fuel to Floyd Mayweather rumors

Dana White adds fuel to Floyd Mayweather rumors

Dana White adds fuel to Floyd Mayweather rumors

St-Pierre came back to fighting in November after nearly four years away and he promptly defeated Michael Bisping to win the UFC middleweight title. It was St-Pierre's first fight since 2013.

Now GSP has vacated the title, paving way for a fight between interim champ Robert Whittaker and former title-holder Luke Rockhold. Since that time, St-Pierre has given no clear indication about his future with the UFC.

At this time, White said there is no update on his next move.

Despite rampant speculation in recent weeks, we don't know what Conor McGregor is doing next. That's why I put [a mandatory title defense] into his contract. We don't know if that's ever going to happen, though.

"I don't know, man. I don't think the guy wants to fight", White mused. "No matter how much money you make, I always feel like with certain people you can only go on so many vacations, there's only so much stuff you can buy and then you're ready to get back to the grind, hopefully".

With regards to a potential opponent for McGregor, who hasn't fought in the UFC since November 2016, White insisted that the Irishman would have to defend his 155lbs crown.

In October, St-Pierre told ESPN it would be "an wonderful honor" to fight McGregor (21-3), but he would not call out a smaller fighter. When he won the 155-pound belt, he dropped the 145-pound belt, which we made him do. St-Pierre has fought primarily at 170 pounds.

If Mayweather would come over and fight in the UFC, it would easily be the biggest crossover from boxing to MMA in combat sports history.

He's the president, but if his WMG overlords want a massive money fight, they'll get GSP and McGregor in a room. But if he does come back to the promotion, he wants a stake in it. "If I chose to get in the UFC and fight three fights or fight four fights and then fight Conor McGregor, I could make a billion dollars".

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