Dave Chappelle Rips Into "Poor" White Trump Supporters in Netflix Special

Dave Chappelle Rips Into

Dave Chappelle Rips Into "Poor" White Trump Supporters in Netflix Special

"I've never had a problem with white people ever in my life, but, full disclosure, poor whites are my least favorites", he began the segment. His strongest fire is reserved for some of the people who helped elect Pres. Trump., but also for the rich people who he says take the country's poor white voters for granted.

In addition to the previously announced Netflix special Equanimity, the comedian is dropping a separate special titled The Bird Revelation, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

And I stood with them in line, like all of us Americans are required to do in a democracy - nobody skips the line to vote - and I listened to them. "Poor. He's fighting for me.'" The audience roars into laughter. "And I've never seen so many of them up close", Chappelle said about some of 45's supporters.

While the stand-up special was filmed a while back, it's timely on the heels of the GOP's tax bill being passed on Wednesday.

In his latest special, he said he began to feel sorry for low-income white Americans because he knows how they are viewed by wealthy elites from places like Manhattan. I know that rich white people call poor white people 'trash'.

"Wow, I mean, it is really bad out here, isn't it?" he says in the snippet. Chappelle has slammed Mr. Trump in the past.

The comedian goes on to compliment the group of people he spoke with, calling them "decent folk", but called their comments about Trump "naive, poor, white people things".

How's this for a holiday gift: Dave Chappelle will be dropping not one, but two new stand-up specials on Netflix come New Years.

"I'm standing there thinking in my mind, 'You dumb motherfuc***. You. Are".

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