Destiny 2 is now Xbox One X Enhanced with 4K and HDR

Destiny 2 Release Times for Curse of Osiris

Destiny 2 is now Xbox One X Enhanced with 4K and HDR

In case you need anything else at all on the new Curse of Osiris DLC expansion, including how you can access all the new content, as well as all the new weapons and items you can find, head on over to our Destiny 2 Curse of Osiris guides walkthrough hub. Bungie recently performed some maintenance on the game's servers, but more downtime is scheduled for tomorrow, which is typical on launch day. Its release will coincide with the arrival of Destiny 2 version 1.1.0, which will introduce a host of changes to the game's systems for all players - even if they don't buy the expansion.

Destiny 2 has a long way to go until it claws back from the hole it dug post-launch, but there's an effort being made today with some updates and a new expansion.

The Curse of Osiris is the titles first expansion and will see players take on the Vex on Mercury, which they have seemingly overrun.

Bungie are also increasing the level cap as well as new Raid experiences called Raid Lairs - these are supposed to be more intense and hard raids that exist "in and around" current Raids in the game.

The Xbox One requires half of that at 44GB, whilst the PC version needs 68 GB.

In the meantime, be sure to look over the patch notes for Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris to get an idea of what the download contains. We want Destiny to be a game that fits into your life, providing you with reasons to log in and play with your friends, clans, and families. You can pick it up from the Microsoft Store if you have yet to purchase it.

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