Dhoni may return as CSK skipper after new IPL rule

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Dhoni may return as CSK skipper after new IPL rule

While the teams that took part in the 2017 edition can retain players from squad that was submitted ahead of the 2017 season, Rajasthan Royals and Chennai Super Kings, who are coming back from a two-year suspension, won't have the luxury of retaining players from last year.

The teams will be allowed to buy back five players with options of two retentions and three Right to Match or three retentions and two Right to Match.

A decision was reached at the Indian Premier League Governing Council (GC) meeting in Delhi on Wednesday to let franchises retain five players through a combination of direct retention and the 'right to match (RTM)' formula. RTM refers to a franchise's right to match the highest bidder for a player it is interested in.

"The player pool available for CSK and RR for retention/RTM will be the players' who played for them respectively in IPL 2015 and who were part of RPS and Gujarat Lions squads in IPL 2017", he added. Irrespective of player retention or RTM, a franchise can have a maximum of three capped Indian players, a maximum of two foreign players and a maximum of two uncapped Indian players.

According to the reports, Chennai Super Kings will retain MS Dhoni and Dwayne Bravo. He was CSK's captain at the time of its suspension. The IPL said the franchises will need to spend at least 75% of the salary cap each season, and that each squad should contain between 18 and 25 players with a limit of eight overseas players per franchise.

Meanwhile, salary caps were also set for players starting from Rs 80 crore, in 2018, to Rs 82 crore and then Rs 85 crore in subsequent years. To further explain the math, the first player to be retained pre-auction will get Rs 15 crore, the second player will get Rs 11 crore and and third Rs seven crore. Out of five, three can be retained & two can be taken under Right to Match or vice-versa. A retention of only two players would cost them INR 12.5 and 8.5 (INR 21 Crores) respectively.

George also confirmed that they can only retain players who played for them in 2015.

Considering the player auction will be a big one, the IPL has increased the salary cap significantly.

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