Drivers protest electronic logging device mandate

Truck drivers circle Capitol honk during protest

Courtesy Jennifer Estelle

She has tried one for the past six months.

"We don't know if we are going to get the regulations stopped", Reed said.

Larger truck carries like UPS, and FedEx are already using electronic systems to record driver's time and behavior. If so or if not, what's your plan for the December 18 mandate deadline?

Everything this woman just said is 100 percent correct....this profession from what it was 20 years ago has gone to Sh*t I hope soon I'm able to go local or get out of this ....cause this isn't fun anymore!?

And here at home - a small group of local truckers also protested Monday.

They include Forrest Lucas, president of Corona-based Lucas Oil Products, who said in a phone interview he had met with Vice President Mike Pence on the matter. He said he believes it will negatively impact cattle truck drivers because if the cattle die while on their way to the destination, it will cost them money.

"We say if you like the ELD you can keep it".

The regulation is created to ensure that truckers do not go over federally mandated driving limits. "You're going to pay more, I'm going to have to pay more, everyone across America will have to pay more for their goods", Beltran said. In the interviews, Hasner repeated the laundry list of concerns familiar to truckers at odds with the mandate, including the added demands it puts on drivers. Darrell bought it to try and evade the ELD mandate, but his truck doesn't qualify for an exemption.

Supporters say electronic monitoring will cut down on unsafe driving during long hauls.

"With manufacturers of ELDs now responsible for "self-certifying" their compliance with government standards, with no effective procedures seemingly yet developed to provide oversight over such "self-certifying", drivers and operators are left without any way of ascertaining which brands and models of devices ultimately will pass muster", said Hill. "They're racing to get where they've got to go before their time runs out".

Owner-operator and third-generation trucker Matt Shourd, from Georgetown, Tenn., drove down to the Alabama event with his custom-painted 2002 Peterbilt 379, named "Unfinished Business".

"They're collecting information about me, my privacy is not being honored".

The average annual cost of an ELD is $495 per truck, according to a 2015 FMCSA estimate that is still being cited by the trucking industry. "The ECMs in my truck are made for diagnostics, they're not made to send and receive things to another computer".

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