Female kicker makes history in Texas state title game

K-Lani Nava

K-Lani Nava

Well done, K-Lani.

Following the victory, Nava told the Star-Telegram the moment was "the best feeling ever" and a great way to end her high school career.

"It's unbelievable", Nava said to The Star-Telegram. In Texas, K-Lani Nava cleared one more hurdle for girls everywhere who want to play football by becoming the first female football player to score in a Texas high school state championship game. "I had to really prove myself to them".

The stage was set at the Class 1A Division II Six-Man championship game between 15-0 Strawn and 13-0 Balmorhea. "All I anxious about was the ball getting on the tee and me making the right contact with it". She put in some major work to improve her kicking game, where in six-man football, extra points are worth two points and field goals are worth four. I wanted to see her kick, I didn't want to her to embarrass herself and she did a good job.

"Strawn is a really close community", Lee said. She sure stormed back and remained a key member of Strawn's championship team. Her coach says she's just like any other member of the team with a job to do.

She also downplayed her accomplishment of being the first female to play and score in a title game. "She's just another football player to us".

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