Gaming to be recognised as mental Health disorder by WHO in 2018

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Gaming Disorder’ to be recognized as mental health condition for first time

A beta draft of the WHO's 11th ICD includes a gaming disorder entry, which is described as an addiction to video games both online and offline. So much so World Health Organization will recognize gaming addiction as a mental disorder.

- A lot of people would say this was a long time coming.

If so, then you might be at risk of developing a mental health condition that's been recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO). And when ICD-11 is published in 2018, it can be a more easily diagnosable condition.

The disorder is characterised by "impaired control" with increasing priority given to gaming and "escalation", despite "negative consequences".

Gaming disorder falls under the class of illnesses categorized as addictive behaviors.

Gaming covers any activity from playing Two Dots on your iPhone to sitting down in front of a custom-built gaming PC for hours.

Health care employees and doctors can now diagnose patients with the condition.

The behaviour pattern of obsessive gaming could lead to an impairment in your personal life, job or education, according to the WHO. The American Psychiatric Association will not classify it without additional research.

However, the choice does not imply that playing games it's itself an issue. "In light of continuing controversies, it is argued that the now proposed categories of video game addiction disorders are premature". But for some people online, it was hard for them to take the addition seriously. Someone who is struggling with depression or anxiety may turn to gaming or abuse substances like alcohol as a way to relieve those symptoms.

So, when exactly does gaming become hazardous to your health? Consulting with a psychologist or mental health professional is also recommended. According to Forbes, "video games can be a safe way of improving hand-eye coordination, enhancing problem-solving abilities, relieving stress, connecting people, and living out fantasies". Technologies that we think of as for gaming, like virtual reality, can also be used in psychological therapy.

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