German pilots' union calls first-ever Ryanair strike on Friday

German pilots' union calls first-ever Ryanair strike on Friday

German pilots' union calls first-ever Ryanair strike on Friday

"Ryanair obviously doesn't believe the VC can organize a strike, or that their pilots in Germany are fed up".

In a statement issued by Ryanair, the airline said the disruption is "unjustified and unnecessary".

"Ryanair management has today confirmed in writing that it now recognised Impact as the representative of the airline's pilots for collective bargaining purposes, with immediate effect", Impact said in a statement.

Ryanair apologises sincerely to any German customers anxious or affected by this threatened 4 hour strike tomorrow morning. As a result, the danger of industrial action by Irish-based pilots had receded.

The damaging disruption came after the low-priced carrier narrowly avoided a strike by crew operating out of Ireland.

The union accused the airline's management of disregarding the principles of trade union autonomy and claimed it is not committed to constructive talks.

In a letter to the union obtained by Bloomberg, Eddie Wilson, Ryanair's chief people office, proposed an agenda for the January meeting while saying the union delegation should be composed of VC officials and "currently employed Ryanair pilots in Germany". "Rather, Ryanair is trying to win time and attempting to delay the beginning of collective bargaining".

Ryanair Holdings faces its first-ever pilot strike on the Friday before Christmas as a German union it has promised to recognize makes a show of force following a breakdown in initial negotiations.

Ryanair pilots in Germany have said they will go ahead with planned strike action after talks with the Irish carrier were called off.

Ryanair is headed by chief executive Michael O’Leary
Ryanair is headed by chief executive Michael O’Leary

Ryanair has written to IMPACT, setting out its plans to recognise the pilots'union. The German union's hardball move contrasts with solid progress in Ryanair's home country of Ireland, showing just how bumpy the path toward a deal remains.

IMPACT's Bernard Harbor explained: "We've very recently received correspondence from Ryanair in response to the meeting that we held on Tuesday evening".

"My colleagues are now considering that correspondence".

"This breakthrough, which was made possible by the principled resolve of Ryanair pilots, should be an encouragement to workers across the economy".

"We hope to be able to with more substance before too long", he said.

The decision came as it worked to avert a pilots' strike that had been planned for yesterday.

Commenting on the official recognition of the union by Ryanair, IMPACT official Ashley Connolly described it as a "historic achievement" that would resonate beyond the company.

But IMPACT says it wants a document confirming its commitment to recognise the union.

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