Microsoft still working on a foldable smartphone; patents reveal

This means we can expect a Microsoft Surface tablet that will also be smartphone in the near future. It was reported back in October that Microsoft was working on a similar concept called "Andromeda" that focused on pen and digital ink functionality.

A new patent filed by the company's engineers suggests that this could indeed be the direction the forthcoming Surface might be heading in. We're getting new reason to believe that Microsoft is working on some foldable devices of its own, and it revolves around a new patent filing that has just been discovered.

Another interesting element from the patent is the suggestion that the two glass sides can be folded, with the radius of the edges eliminating the fold, but clearly leaving a dip or crease.

While I do not think the above device could replace an Android smartphone (due to the need for my parking app for example) I do think it could make an incredible laptop replacement for a small segment of users who value mobility over everything else.

Alternatively, website MSPoweruser points out that this could also be a prototype for the Surface Phone, as the displays look small enough to make this system somewhat pocketable.

Another recent experiment is ZTE's Axon M, a phone which relies on the same basic principles but with a poor execution (as well as Android on board).

There's another eye-catching mode where the second portion of the device seems to display a virtual keyboard and trackpad, kind of like the Lenovo Yoga Book, allowing you to use the device as a regular laptop. However, with the right amount of haptic feedback, it may be possible to semi-touch type with it especially since smartphones and tablets have gotten consumers used to typing on a screen.

Did you enjoy the Microsoft Surface, or Surface Laptop? The amusing part is this number is part of Microsoft's Phone number.

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