Murder victim's father dies after throwing grenades in court


Murder victim's father dies after throwing grenades in court

Two grenades in a Ukraine courtroom killed two people and injured nine others Thursday after the father of a victim in a murder trial detonated the devices, according to police.

In November, police in Kiev announced that they arrested two men hiding 6.5 kg of explosives in their auto. The Washington Post reported that two people - including the father and one of the defendants - in total have died, and seven people were injured by shrapnel in the courtroom blast.

'Three defendants, two convoy officers, a court employee and a civilian were injured.

Images from the courtroom showed blood on the floors in the cage in which the defendants sat, and scattered glass shards as the grenades caused the courtroom's windows to blow out.

The man's son was killed in February 2016 when a auto he was riding in was sacked on.

Reports suggested that the blast was so powerful that it nearly took a door off its hinges and smashed the windows of the court room.

'All victims were taken to hospital'.

The man believed to the father of one the murder victims "lobbed" the grenades after court adjourned.


It is feared that more firearms and explosives are getting into the hands of the ordinary public in Ukraine which has seen more than 10,000 people killed in a conflict in the east of the country since April 2014.

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