Nintendo Launches Wii and Gamecube Games on Nvidia Shield in China

Nintendo Launches Wii and Gamecube Games on Nvidia Shield in China

Nintendo Launches Wii and Gamecube Games on Nvidia Shield in China

Analyst Daniel Ahmad reports that the Shield will feature official ports of titles such as The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, Super Mario Galaxy, New Super Mario Bros Wii and Punch-Out. Nintendo is no exception, opting to partner with Tencent for a Switch launch in December.

During Nintendo's latest earnings briefing, President Tatsumi Kimishima stated that the company knows China is a big gaming market, but they are not selling Switch in that market now.

Tapping China could be a masterstroke from Nintendo, given the fact that it is reportedly home to over 300 million gamers.

Here is some gameplay of Twilight Princess running on Nvidia Shield. However, it has experimented with mobile games such as Super Mario Run and Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. Customized for the China market, SHIELD is a completely localized device, with local content, store, search and more.

Even considering the latest Apple TV 4K box, the Nvidia Shield TV is one of the most powerful streaming boxes around. The super popular Nintendo Switch actually uses a modified version of the Tegra chip found in the Shield-which means Nintendo coders are already very familiar with the architecture the games would need to be ported to.

It's not yet known what Nintendo's plans are for backwards compatibility on the Switch. It's similar to a tablet, but is capable of better graphics and can be connected to a TV and played with a controller. That seems unlikely as Nintendo would rather sell them through the Switch and these ports will work just as well on Nintendo's own hardware. "For Nintendo, their main goal is probably to have their intellectual property recognized more in China". But as the Chinese console market is limited, "there won't be much impact to Nintendo's earnings".

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