Nintendo reportedly delays 64GB Switch cartridges until 2019

Nintendo reportedly delays 64GB Switch cartridges until 2019

Nintendo reportedly delays 64GB Switch cartridges until 2019

Sources said that the move has brought "slight disappointment" to some developers that were eagerly waiting, especially United States publishers who more often need the larger 64GB capacity for their data-heavy driven games. Currently, the max size of the Nintendo Switch cartridges is 32GB, compared to the 50GB Blu-ray discs used by the PS4 and Xbox One.

According to a journalist called Takashi Mochizuki from the Wall Street Journal. That's the way the Nintendo Switch is supposed to work.

For reference, current Nintendo Switch cartridges can only offer developers 32GB of space to do their magic.

Nintendo allegedly cited unknown technical issues with the 64GB game cards that would delay the roll out. This can have several repercussions. The problem for game developers working on titles that need that extra storage space is that any scheduled for roll out in 2018 that would have required 64GB physical media won't happen. That disincentivizes stores from keeping it on the shelf, which also leads to fewer mums picking up those impulse buys. This is because neither game in its entirety can fit on a single Switch game cartridge. On top of all this, you have users fretting over their memory usage and having to shell out more cash for upgrades.

It further states that US-based game publishers were "disappointed" with the news and that they "may wait for the 64GB card to release those kinds of games for the Switch". Nintendo has plans for 64GB cartridges, but their roll out has been delayed to 2019.

At the moment, game cards for the Switch top out at 32GB. And it absolutely must avoid the disgusting working relationship it had with third-parties in the disastrous Wii U-era.

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