Palestinian factions ask Egypt to delay Gaza handover

Palestinian factions ask Egypt to delay Gaza handover

Palestinian factions ask Egypt to delay Gaza handover

While the Hamas terror group may have not carried out the attack, the IDF stated that it "views the Hamas terror group as responsible for all events that occur in Gaza", as it rules the Gaza Strip.

Furthermore, the Israeli army fired more than five artillery shells into Palestinian farmlands, north of Beit Hanoun, in the northern part of the Gaza Strip. Israel says Islamic Jihad is affiliated with Hamas.

The mortars were fired exactly a month after Israel blew up an attack tunnel that led from Gaza into Israeli in which 14 militants were killed. Witnesses in the southern Gaza Strip said two Islamic Jihad posts was hit there.

In a brief joint statement, Fatah and Hamas said they had asked Egypt to delay the timetable from Dec 1 so that they could "complete the arrangements to successfully conclude reconciliation steps to which the Palestinian people aspire", Reuters reported.

After about two hours, security forces allowed a return to routine operations and the train traffic resumed.

An Israeli army spokesperson told Ma'an that "a number of mortar rounds were fired at an Israeli military post adjacent to the northern Gaza Strip", and that no Israeli injuries were reported.

Hamas is scheduled to hand back control of Gaza, including all ministries, to the Palestinian Authority by Friday, a decade after seizing it in a 2007 near civil war.

Daud Shehab, the leader of Islamic Jihad in Gaza, said the "Zionist aggression" was an attempt to distract from the killing of a Palestinian man in the West Bank by settlers earlier in the day.

Israel also is building an underground barrier to prevent tunnels from crossing into Israel.

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